Red Ale
Red Ale

Red Ale

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A medium to full-bodied Irish style ale with a light reddish hue. A malt accented beer which starts with initial malt sweetness and finishes with a dryness from the addition of small quantities of roasted barley. 5.0% ABV

   SILVER Australian International Beer Awards 2022

Beer Review by @whitekatbeverageco
Wow a great way to start beer reviews with this pleasing and easy to drink Red Ale.
Some friends and I thoroughly enjoyed this craft beer by the fire pit with slow cooked pork ribs and chicken wings while the banter flowed about the current AFL football season and race to the finals. Perfect for the colder months and is highly recommended for someone who enjoys a medium bodied Irish Style Ale beer that's not too heavy and thick. With an initial malt sweetness taste and finishes with a dryness it's an easy drinking smooth beer @ 5.0%

Beer Review by @craftbreweries
Prickly Moses Red Ale is the type of rich, malty brew you crave mid-winter by the pint! Some malt sweetness upfront, toffee, raisins, orange and subtle strawberry notes with gentle almost burnt sourdough on the finish. Top drop!

24 x 330ml - Case

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