Book a Gin Blending Masterclass

Learn how to blend your own gin & bring home a bottle of your own creation!

Blend Your Own Gin

Welcome to the world of exceptional spirits and unforgettable taste journeys. Join us as we embark on a captivating exploration of the finest gins.

Our gin blending masterclass is designed to awaken your senses, ignite your curiosity, and transport you to the realms of exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned gin lover or a curious newcomer, we invite you to immerse yourself in a realm of flavours, aromas, and the artistry behind these revered spirits.

What's Included

During our Gin Masterclasses, you will learn the fascinating history of gin, how it is made and be guided through the process of blending up your very own gin recipe in a take home bottle.

For functions & private groups, please contact us.

The Gin Masterclass includes:
- A bottle of 500ml gin developed by you
- Gin tasting
- Finger Food
- Knowledge directly from the distillers


Learn with the Distilling Experts.
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