NEW: Gin Blending Masterclasses

At Otway Estate we now offer unique Gin Masterclasses where you have an opportunity to create your very own bespoke gin.

During our Gin Masterclasses, you will delve into the wonderful world of gin, learn the fascinating history of gin, how it is made and be guided through the process of blending up your own gin recipe from a vast range of vapour infused botanicals.

Once you have created “your gin” tailored to your taste preferences, you will be able to take home a 500ml bottle with you for you and your friends to enjoy.

Part of this class is also receiving tastes of our award-winning gins, a regional produce board to share and discounted retail bottles.


  • A bottle of gin created by you
  • Gin tastings
  • Share platter
  • Knowledge directly from the distillers

We recommend arranging transport home from the Masterclass session as you will be consuming over two standard drinks throughout the class.

Book your masterclass HERE

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